Gundagai Rail Trail – Trail Development Plan

March 12th, 2018

Transplan Pty Ltd is again working in tandem with Mike Halliburton Associates (of Brisbane) to prepare a detailed trail development plan for the proposed Gundagai Rail Trail, a 4.6km pathway through the urban areas of Gundagai, north and south of the iconic railway viaduct across the Murrumbidgee River floodplain.

The trail development plan will provide the Cootamundra Gundagai Regional Council with a blueprint for the construction of the pathway, taking into consideration clearing, path surfacing, drainage, signage, road crossing treatments, privacy fencing/screening, trailhead development, fencing, bridge replacement and various safety issues.

Shire of Gingin Trails Master Plan

March 12th, 2018

Transplan has been awarded the contract to prepare a Trails Master Plan for the Shire of Gingin.

The Plan will focus on an existing trail in each of the three sub-regional areas within the Shire of Gingin (being the Lower Coastal Region; Upper Coastal Region; and Gingin and Rural). The overall aim is look at how the existing trails can be enhanced. Other existing trails will also be acknowledged in the Trails Master Plan.

The three existing trails are listed below:
1. Lower Coastal Region: Guilderton Boardwalk/Lookout (including trails along the Moore River and Silver Creek).
2. Upper Coastal Region: Hinchcliffe Lookout Lancelin (and connecting path system).
3. Gingin and Rural: Three Bridges Trail (also known as History Walk Trail).

White Rock Spring Mountain Conservation Area Trail Plan

September 5th, 2017

Transplan Pty Ltd has once again joined forces with Mike Halliburton Associates to prepare the Recreation Trails Network Plan for the White Rock Spring Mountain Conservation Area in the Ipswich City Council in Queensland.

The project involves auditing all existing formal (authorised) and unauthorised trails as well as proposing a series of potential new trails throughout this 2,500ha estate.

Desert Road Trail Master Plan – Shire of East Pilbara

September 5th, 2017

Transplan Pty Ltd, with Kulbardi Hill Consulting, have recently prepared the Master Plan for a proposed 4WD trail between Marble Bar and the WA/NT border – a distance of 1000km. The plan involved a 10 day field trip searching for as many as 35 – 40 potential interpretive sites along the existing roads.

Gympie Canoe and Kayak Trail Plans

April 13th, 2016

Following on from the Canoe and Kayak Strategy prepared in 2015 flor the Gympie Regional Council, Mike Halliburton Associates and Transplan Pty Ltd have been engaged by the Council to prepare two detailed canoe/kayak trail development plans: the Attie Sullivan Park to Gympie Weir Trail (on the Mary River) and a short out-and-back trail on Kandanga Creek (in Kandanga).

The work involves paddling each of the short sections of river to determine locations for possible interpretation, preparing plans for trailheads and launch sites and a report detailing other requirements to put the canoe/kayak trails in place.

Kilkivan Goomeri Rail Trail Development Plan

April 13th, 2016

Transplan is working with Mike Halliburton Associates to design facilities for the proposed rail trail between Kilkivan and Goomeri (and the Council border). The trail is a part of the much longer Kilkivan to Kingaroy Rail Trail which spans the local government areas of the Gympie Regional Council and the South Burnett Regional Council. The Queensland Government has provided a grant of $2,000,000 for the Councils to develop the rail trail.

The rail trail development plan being prepared for the Gympie Regional Council will focus on watercourse crossings (as most of the railway bridges have been dismantled), road crossings and trailheads (at Kilkivan and Goomeri).

Consultations have been occurring with adjoining landowners to ensure that their needs will be taken into account when the rail trail is constructed later this year.

Pilbara Region Trails Master Plan

January 12th, 2016

Transplan Pty Ltd has been appointed by the Pilbara Regional Council to prepare a trails blueprint for the Pilbara – comprising the local governments of City of Karratha, Town of Port Hedland, Shire of Ashburton and Shire of East Pilbara.

The main aims of the project are:
1. To audit all known non-motorised trails in the Pilbara Region.
2. To determine the top priority non-motorised trail projects in each of the 4 local government.
3. To prepare trail development plans (‘construction ready’) ready plans for the priority projects.

Fieldwork for the audit will take place during mid-January 2016.

Transplan Pty Ltd will again team up with Mike Halliburton Associates on this important trails planning project.

Busselton to Flinders Bay Rail Trail – extension south of Gnarawary Rd

July 10th, 2015

Two years ago Transplan Pty Ltd prepared a detailed trail development plan for the entire rail trail between Busselton and Flinders Bay, in the south west corner of Western Australia. Based on that plan a new section of the rail trail has recently been constructed between Gnarawary Rd and Rowe Road West. A casual inspection of the extension revealed several major issues that will need to be resolved to enable safe passage by trail users. Notably, dangerous barbed wire fences have been erected within centimetres of where trail users will be cycling or walking. The new fences also contain what appear to be electric wires (“hot wires”) designed to keep cattle away from the fences. The use of barbed wires and electric wires in such close proximity to trail users is definitely a no-no. The Shire has been asked to remove these offending and dangerous things. Signage along the trail and fences on the culverts on the crossing of Boodjidup Brook will soon be installed. The unfortunate thing about this extension is that, due to an historic land swap arrangement in the late 1990s, the trail no longer follows the original railway alignment. The trail route follows an alignment around the edge of the farmer’s property/paddocks – not ideal, but at least the trail is now complete between these two roads. Further development of the rail trail south of Rowe Road West (to Witchcliffe) is currently underway. As highlighted in the trail development plan, this section of trail is subject to several encroachments including a large dam (built on the railway corridor), tree plantations (planted on the railway corridor) and the Witchcliffe Polo Grounds (developed on the railway corridor).

Photos of the rail trail extension can be viewed at this link:

Coral Bay Trail

July 10th, 2015

Transplan Pty Ltd has been appointed by the Gascoyne Development Commission to prepare a detailed trail development plan for a section of the (proposed) much longer Baiyungu Track. The section of trail under consideration is between Bill’s Bay Lookout (in Coral Bay townsite) south to the new boat launching facility – approximately 1700m south of the settlement. The trail, if/when constructed, will traverse an intricate and sensitive dune area and will provide outstanding views out over the World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Reef. A new viewing platform is proposed to replace the aging and deteriorating viewing platform at Coral Bay. Several other viewing platforms are proposed at strategic and high points on the dunes along the trail. This trail is regarded as Stage 1 of the Baiyungu Track which is proposed to extend all the way along the coast from Exmouth to Carnarvon.

Merriwa Denman Rail Trail – another possible rail trail for NSW

July 10th, 2015

Transplan Pty Ltd has again teamed up with Mike Halliburton Associates to prepare a feasibility study for a proposed rail trail between Merriwa and Denman in NSW. The entire corridor is approximately 64km long, however an 18km section (between Sandy Hollow and Denman) is an active railway where an alternative route will have to be found. The potential trail route traverses two local government areas: Upper Hunter Shire Council and Muswellbrook Shire Council.